Hi, I’m Erika Rowland (a.k.a. erikareads). Hi, I’m Erika. I’m an Ops-shaped Software Engineer, Toolmaker, and Resilience Engineering fan. I like Elixir and Gleam, Reading, and Design. She/Her. If you're looking for experienced talent, I would love to chat. Published on


Discord is a proprietary chat app that often acts as a forum for software communities.

Spoiler Tags

Sometimes it’s useful to hide things in spoiler tags, Discord uses double pipes for this:

||something spoiler-like||

This can also be used on code blocks:If I put the spoiler tags (||) on their own line, it adds extra line breaks that aren’t needed, so putting them all on one line is probably what I want.

pub fn main() {
  io.println("Hello from Gleam!")

Editing a Thread Title

As the creator of a thread, you can edit the title. I found this by right clicking on the thread-name in the left sidebar. From the pop-up menu:

Edit Thread -> Thread Name

After changing the title, click “Save Changes”, Which appeared in Green at the bottom of the page for me.

Pop-up menu:

Discord Thread Menu

Edit title:

Discord Edit Thread Title

Save changes:

Discord Save Changes