Hi, I’m Erika Rowland (a.k.a. erikareads). Hi, I’m Erika. I’m an Ops-shaped Software Engineer, Toolmaker, and Resilience Engineering fan. I like Elixir and Gleam, Reading, and Design. She/Her. Constellation Webring Published on Modified on


These are my personal notes. You can think of them as my digital garden or personal wiki. They are primarily for my own reference, but you may find them useful.

Stuff I Have Learned

Web log notes as I learn new things.

Resilience Engineering

My notes on Resilience Engineering.

Tools I Use

Short articles on tools I use.

Book Notes

Interesting things that I want to remember from books that I’ve read. Generally not summaries or reviews.

Software Notes

Notes on software that I’ve used or considered.

Video Notes

Notes on videos I’ve watched

How Notes

Notes on how I’ve accomplished something for self reference.


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