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Edit the Clipboard

I recently wanted to write some code in a Github issue, but while Github Flavored Markdown supports code snippets, the web editor has a variable spaced font that makes writing formatted code difficult.

Enter vipe

vipe is a tool from moreutils that allows you insert an editor into a unix pipe.

vipe will create a temporary file with anything passed from standard input (empty if invoked directly) and open $EDITOR on that file. Anything that saved in that file when the editor closes is piped to standard output.

To solve my Github problem, I realized that I could invoke:

$ vipe | xclip -selection clipboard

which let me type my code snippet in my editor of choice, then copied that snippet onto my clipboard.

xclip -out can be used to output the current state of the clipboard, so:

$ xclip -out | vipe | xclip -selection clipboard

can be used to modify the current clipboard in an editor.

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