Hi, I’m Erika Rowland (a.k.a. erikareads). Hi, I’m Erika. I’m an Ops-shaped Software Engineer, Toolmaker, and Resilience Engineering fan. I like Elixir and Gleam, Reading, and Design. She/Her. Constellation Webring Published on Modified on



Computer stuff

  • Thinkpad T480s (bought refurbished)
  • Logitech B100 mouse (cheap usb mouse)
  • Professional Mouse-Trak (track ball mouse)
  • Ducky one 65% mechanical keyboard (cherry mx brown switches)
  • Audiotechnica ATR2100x-USB microphone


  • Visual Timer
  • Mooas Multi-Hexagon timers (mint green, white)
  • Wooden Infinity cube (fidget toy)
  • Tungsten top (fidget toy)
  • Kaweco Sport Clear Frosted fountain pen
  • caliber plain white scratch pad (4 inches x 6 inches)


  • NixOS (with Lix)
  • i3 window manager
  • i3status-rs
  • alacritty
  • kakoune (daily driver editor)
  • zellij
  • nnn (trialing yazi)
  • entr
  • firefox
  • thunderbird
  • lunatask
  • mpv
  • russ (rss reader, with my own custom changes)
  • ripgrep
  • codespell

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