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Customizing Fonts in Various Places

Notes on how I’ve customized fonts in various places.

I like to use Atkinson HyperlegibleYou’re reading it now, unless you’ve overridden this websites fonts. where I can for the ability to distinguish characters.


Firefox uses the system font by default.

Adding the following to my NixOS configuration.nix did the trick:

fonts.fontconfig.defaultFonts = {
  sansSerif = [
    "Atkinson Hyperlegible"
     # ...

One quick nixos-rebuild switch later, and the new font was in place.

Note that I needed to restart Firefox in order for the font to take effect.

This left my fontsize in my address bar too small, so I modified:

layout.css.devPixelsPerPx = 1.25

In the about:config for FirefoxCheck out the instructions in this answer.. Note this resizes everything in Firefox, but overall the effect is worth it for me.


I use the standard Mastodon web client, which includes:

Settings -> Appearance -> Animations and Accessibility -> "Use system's default font"

Checking the box and hitting save loaded my font without issue.

Slack (browser)

Updating the font in Slack is easy asI learned how to do this from this verge article.:

/slackfont Atkinson Hyperlegible

If I ever want to reset the font I can use the slash command without an argument:


Installing fonts on NixOS

Setting the system font on NixOS was easy, but first I needed to install the fontRead more in the wiki for NixOS..

My fonts path for my user is:


I copied the Atkinson Hyperlegible .otf files there, then ran:


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