Hi, I’m Erika Rowland (a.k.a. erikareads). Hi, I’m Erika. I’m an Ops-shaped Software Engineer, Toolmaker, and Resilience Engineering fan. I like Elixir, Reading, and Design. She/Her. If you're looking for experienced talent, I would love to chat. Published on Modified on

Software Notes



Kakoune is my daily driver editor for writing and programming.


  • djot - light markup syntax

Command Line Tools

  • jrnl - command line journaling app
  • fhtagn - command line testing
  • vhs - terminal gif creation
  • dust - human-friendly disk utilization visualizer
  • shfmt - formatter for shell scripts
  • shellcheck - linter for shell scripts
  • try - run a command before committing the changes link
  • direnv - autoload environment variables on directory change link
  • commitizen - release management tool link
  • bashly - generate bash command line tools link
  • completely - generate shell completions from yaml link


  • Markdown Any Decision Records - record your decisions throughout a project link
  • docopt - generate a command line interface from a dsl link



  • clap_serde - deserialize a clap app using serde link
  • surf - async http client
  • reqwest - async http client


  • req - simple http client


  • Ecto - query compiler for databases